Useful Articles

Am I a Sex Addict? The Sex Addiction Screening Test (SAST) helps figure out who has sexual addiction problems and who doesn’t. Understand that while the score on the test is an indication about sex addiction, it is not conclusive proof that you do or do not have a problem. These tests are only an aid.
What is healthy sexuality? Sexual health is a state of physical, emotional, mental, and social well being in relation to sexuality; it is not merely the absence of disease, dysfunction, or infirmity.
 Betrayal Bonding: What is a Betrayal Bond? Dealing with betrayal is no easy task. Someone who has been betrayed feels abandoned, but sometimes it’s hard to see the abandonment because the betrayer
is still part of the victim’s life.
Childhood Trauma and Masturbation For some addicts, masturbation was their first way of self-medicating.
Letting Go – Jack Kornfield In the stress and complexity of our lives, we may forget our deepest intentions. But when people come to the end of their life and look back, the questions that they most often ask are not usually, “How much is in my bank account?” or “How many books did I write?” or “What did I build?” or the like.
Meditation on Lovingkindness – Jack Kornfield This meditation uses words, images, and feelings to evoke a lovingkindness and friendliness toward oneself and others.
Porn Comes of Age Further evidence that porn addiction acts like drug addiction
The RAIN of Self Compassion In order to unfold, self-compassion depends on honest, direct contact with our own vulnerability.