Do you needĀ help?

Are you an individual, couple, or family going through the trauma of discovering a betrayal of trust? Or do you know someone going through such a trauma?

Some indications that you or someone you know may need help include:

  • Increased mood disturbance to the point of compromised quality of life
  • Impaired ability to experience peace, joy, pleasure due to the trauma of betrayal
  • Depression or anxiety as a result of an accident, assault or other life-threatening event
  • Relationships become problematic
  • When someone experiences a life or personal crisis
  • When there has been the discovery or disclosure of compulsive acting out by family member or partner

Are you a therapist who would like to refer a client for more specialized treatment?

Our therapists respect the relationship between client and therapist. Clients are often referred to our practice for adjunct therapy. Our therapists consult with the referring therapists, becoming part of the treatment team.

  • Clients may self-refer at any time.
  • Helping professionals refer when a person is harming themselves with sexual behavior, food, money mismanagement, cutting, problematic or out of control behaviors and/or thoughts