Daily Archives: June 30, 2016

Am I my disease? Is my addict the core of who I really am? Was there a time my life that addict thinking and behavior was not in the “drivers seat”? Persons in recovery often wrestle with these questions.  When one is active in the disease of addiction, whether alcohol, […]

What Story Will Define You?

In the first therapy session, the most frequently asked question is “How long is the recovery process?”. People in acute distress need a sense of how long it will be before their lives to return to “normal”.  In that first session what a client is really asking is “how much […]

Recovery or Discovery

Partners often ask “do couples really recover from sex addiction?” and “why don’t I see any of these ‘healed couples’ in partner of sex addicts meetings? Partners are looking for hope.  They are looking for a positive return on their emotional investment.  Partners seek reassurance that the pain and shame […]

There is Hope